Dental Coverage for Seniors Means No Health Insurance Premium Increase

Medicare Advantage Plans and Subsidized Health Care Plans offer a choice for senior citizens who need quality care but cannot afford the cost. Members have two choices for their dental choice, the choice to participate in the Quality Care Dental Program (QCDP) or the choice not to get dental insurance. QCP offers comprehensive coverage for the entire family. Participants will be advised of the options they qualify for based on their age and income and will be given several options to choose from. Participants in the QCDP have a choice to stay in their home if they are unable to find an insurance plan that fits their needs.

Dental Coverage for Seniors Means No Health Insurance Premium Increase

For seniors who can not find an insurance plan through their employer or in a group plan offered through their trade union, Medicare Advantage Plans provides a means to ensure continuing health coverage with increased benefits. The QCDP offers coverage for dental, eye care, hospital visits, prescriptions, and dental X-rays. Participants will also be given priority consideration for in-patient care at any participating dentist. Seniors will also have the opportunity to choose from several different Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), depending on the type of Medicare they receive.

Seniors who choose to remain in their homes without insurance will be considered “ineligible” under the QCDP. They will then be directed to enroll in Medicare Part B. Participants in Medicare Part B will pay 100% of the costs associated with receiving in-patient care, even if the service is not covered by the participant’s policy. Participants in Medicare Part A will pay the remainder. QCDPs, as with most other insurance programs, will vary widely by plan and provider.

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