Overview Of Exothermal Welding Solutions

Overview Of Exothermal Welding

What exactly is exothermic welding solutions? A few terms are usually used interchangeably, but they really mean different things. Exothermic fusion, also called exothermic welding, thermolysis, and hermetic welding are welding processes that use heated metal to permanently connect the welding conductors to each other without the aid of an outside source of energy. The process uses an exothermic reaction to heat the welding material, which requires no current or fuel source. These types of welding processes can be used in many different industries, including construction, automotive, marine, power generation, and military applications. In addition, they have found a number of different applications in the automotive repair and refinishing market as well.


How does an exothermic arc affect the welding process? When metal and welding mix, there is generally a loss in energy levels across the welding site, because the force necessary to create a good weld is greatly reduced by the lack of transfer of energy between the metals. In this type of welding, the welders are typically held close to a welding supply and work area, with the air around them acting as a constant source of energy to keep the metal and welding mix hot. This results in less time needed to complete the task and allows the welder to remain much closer to the welded piece while performing the final weld. This allows for a more detailed weld, with less wasted materials and a far smoother surface.


Because of their ability to use much less energy to join metal than convention welders, exothermic welders are perfect for jobs that require fast jointing, such as on bumpers and tailgates. They are also very useful in the auto repair and refinishing industry because their ability to use an almost unlimited amount of welding material allows them to perform work that would be impossible with a convention weld process. Overall, these types of welders are a great addition to any welding shop and can be used to weld many different pieces of metal together.

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