Timber Decking – Water Gardens and Beyond

timber decking sydney

A recent development in Sydney, New South Wales that has become popular with homeowners and businesses alike is timber decking. This design is especially suited to homes located on the beach because it offers access to water as well as outdoor living spaces and recreational areas. Unlike many other types of decking systems, timber decking Sydney allows for flexibility and customization of both the height and pitch of the boards. If you are not a professional builder or contractor, it is possible to create a completely unique design that includes all of the aspects of what you enjoy the most about decking. From the look and feel of the design to the variety of finishes and accessories, there is no better way to incorporate the beauty of the ocean into your home’s design.


Timber decking Sydney uses sustainable timbers harvested from trees that have grown primarily in Australia and New Zealand. This ensures that the materials used are completely bio-dynamic and have the least impact on the environment as possible. The timber used for decking is individually dried and sanded to provide the best texture and finish. The boards are then fastened together using custom designed stainless steel fittings that ensure the highest quality, longevity, and integrity when combined with the design of the home. The warranty on these boards is one of the strongest in the industry and even extends to covering any defects or damage that may occur from normal use.


There are many benefits of investing in decking as an alternative to traditional flooring systems. These include the ability to add a water feature to any design, increase the value of the home and improve the aesthetics of any backyard area. The addition of outdoor living spaces is also convenient for guests and can be made to blend in with the rest of the home’s design. For these reasons, it makes sense to invest in the design of a decking system in Sydney.

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